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    My sister and I never thought that our lives would change so dramatically. Both of us had an economic education, Elena an economist in construction holding and Kristina a chief accountant in an outsourcing company. Then three years ago something happened that made us reconsider our lives, work, home... To get out of this rut we looked for some sort of distraction and by chance came across hand made teddy bears on the internet and became consumed by them.Apart from sewing a button on we had never even held a needle and our first attempts at making teddy bears were misshapen and funny, but even then we realized they were alive and part of us, our personalities, our mood, thoughts and joy had all been sewn in the bears as we made them. We knew that this kind of creativity had become the meaning of our lives. We put ourselves into the process, from the selection of materials, the images we used and the names we picked for our bears.Our husbands help us with advice and stuffing the bears with saw dust. They advised us to do individual packaging which we took on board and now each bear has a box created especially for him.Recently we had small children and there is not much time left for creativity, but we have so many ideas running around our heads that we make bears at night. We will continue to bring joy to the world with our teddy bears!